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The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England and the Summer Ifles, with the names of the Adventurers, Planters, and Governours from their firft beginning An: 1584 to this prefent 1626 published in London in 1632.  Captaine John Smith, made available to the pubic through the generosity of Elsie Carper, Donnie Radcliffe, and the Bayside History Museum.

The Booke is presented here in three parts; "Cover and Introduction," "The Six Books," and "Illustrations," each of which is described below.  As you'll see, back then the letters "u" and "v" were switched, and the letter "s" looks like an "f."  Because of these variations in the language of the early 1600s, optical character recognition and consequently full text search capability could not be performed on the text.  Because a book in its original form is a three dimensional object (and too valuable to disassemble), pages get distorted somewhat by a flatbed scanner.  Consequently, each page had to be adjusted for skew and other distortions.  Keep in mind also that the "Booke" is old and the paper is thin, causing shadows of text from the next page to bleed through. 

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Cover and Introduction -- the Booke's cover followed by introductory text including descriptions of each of the six "Bookes."

The Six Bookes -- each book is like a chapter and is described below. 

  1. The first Booke -- The first voyage to the new World, by Madock Prince of Wales. The next by Hanno Prince of Carthage, and how it was offred K. Hen. 7. by Chr. Cullumbus, that undertooke it for the Spanyards... (p. 1-20)

  2. The second Booke -- Of Virginia now planted, discovered by Captaine Smith. The Latitude, Temperature, and Capes; a description of Chisapeack Bay, and seaven navigable Rivers that fall into it, with their severall Inhabitants, and diversitie of Language... (p. 21-40)

  3. The third Booke -- Of the Accidents and Proceedings of the English. Their orders of government, Accidents in going, first landing and government setled... (p. 41-104)

  4. The fourth Booke -- With their Proceedings after the alteration of the Government. How the mutiners proceeded; the Salvages revolt; the planting point Comfort. Them at Nandsamund, and the Fals, defeated by the Salvages. Captaine Ratliff, with thirtie slaine by Powhatan. The fruits of improvidence. The arrivall of Sir Thomas Gates, James Towne abandoned. The arrival of the Lord La Warre; their actions, and both their returnes... (p. 105-168)

  5. The fift Booke -- A Mappe of the Somer Isles and Fortresses. The description of the Isles, the fruits, fishes, soyle, ayre, beasts, birds, with the relation of the shipwrack of Henry May... (p. 169-202)

  6. The sixt Booke --  A Mappe of New-England. How this Country hath bin accounted but a miserable Desert. Captain Smiths first voyage; what peace and warres he had with the Salvages, and within 6 moneths returned with 1500 worths of commodities; got Prince Charles to call it New-England... (p. 203-248)